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Proceedings of the International Conference Enrico Fermi and the Universe of Physics

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(Rome, September 29 - October 2, 2001)

Kind of publication : VOLUME

Edited by: C. Bernardini, L. Bonolis, G. Ghisu, D. Savelli, L. Falera

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 408, 2003

ISBN: 88-8286-032-9

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A Short Presentation of the Fermi Centennial Conference
Carlo Bernardini

Enrico Fermi: a Guiding Light in an Anguished Century
Giorgio Salvini

Fermi’s Contribution to the World Energy Supply
Carlo Rubbia

Enrico Fermi and his Family
Alice Caton

The Birth and Early Days of the Fermi Group in Rome
Gerald Holton

Fermi toward Quantum Statistics (1923-1925)
Fabio Sebastiani, Francesco Cordella

The Evolution of Fermi’s Statistical Theory of Atoms
Jan Philip Solovej

Nuclear Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory in the Thirties
Jeff Hughes

Cooperation and Competition among Nuclear Physics Laboratories during the Thirties: the Role of Frédéric Joliot
Michel Pinault

From Fermi to Fission: Meitner, Hahn and Strassmann in Berlin
Ruth Lewin Sime

Slow Neutrons at Via Panisperna: the Discovery, the Production of Isotopes and the Birth of Nuclear Medicine
Ugo Amaldi

Funds and Failures: the Political Economy of Fermi’s Group
Giovanni Battimelli

Fermi and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED)
Sam Schweber

Fermi and Applied Nuclear Physics during the War (1939-1945)
Michelangelo De Maria

New Large Accelerators in the World in the Forties and Early Fifties
Dominique Pestre

Enrico Fermi and the Birth of High-Energy Physics after World War II
Giulio Maltese

Enrico Fermi, High-Energy Physics and High Speed Computing
Robert Seidel

Women in Physics in Fermi’s Time
Nina Byers

Documents on Fermi’s Life
Harold Agnew

Fermi and the Ergodic Problem
Giovanni Gallavotti

Fermi and General Relativity
Tullio Regge

Fermi’s Tentativo and Weak Interactions
Nicola Cabibbo

Enrico Fermi, the Man. Excerpts from some documents
Jay Orear

Experimental Nuclear Physics in the Thirties and Forties
John L. Heilbron

The Beginnings of Pion and Muon Physics
Leon Lederman

Perspectives in High Energy Particle Physics
Luciano Maiani

Enrico Fermi
Chen Ning Yang

Concluding Remarks
Giorgio Salvini

Report on the Celebrations for the Centenary of Enrico Fermi’s Birth
Carlo Bernardini, Rocco Capasso

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