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Second National Communication under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - Italy

Second National Communicatio

Tipo di pubblicazione: VOLUME

Autori: Gian Carlo Tosato, Mario Contaldi, Domenico Gaudioso

Editore: ENEA

pp. 330, 1998

Prezzo: gratuito


The Second National Communication under the Framework Convention on Climate Change, prepared according to art. 12 of the Convention and the methodologies established by the Secretariat, updates the information and the evaluations contained in the First National Communication regarding both the evolution of CO2and other greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction strategies.

Particularly, strategies and measures for the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions refer to the objective of 7% reduction of domestic emissions with respect the level of 1990, within 2010.

This objective reflects the decision of the EU Council of the Ministers adopted on March 3, 1997, in view of the Third Conference of the Parties, to be held in Kyoto.

Even if, after the Kyoto Conference, the Italian commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions has been decreased to 6.5%, the information provided by the Second National Communication are still valid and correspond to the objectives and criteria defined by the Kyoto Protocol to integrate the policies for preventing the climate changes with other sectorial policies, with the final goal of improving the efficiency of the economy, of the industrial production and the consumptions.

Finally, it should be highlighted that the Second National Communication confirms the Italian commitment to implement domestic policies and measures for the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions and for the protection of the climate. This commitment takes a significant importance considering Italy has per-capita greenhouse gas emissions lower than the EU average value.