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Microwaves in the engineering and in the Applied Science

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Proceedings of the Third National Meeting

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Edited by: Eugenio Caponetti

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 188, 2007

ISBN: 88-8286-194-5

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The main purpose of the Third National Meeting was to improve the basic understanding on the applicability of the microwave technology to the environment and to the chemical syntheses under extreme conditions, including ultrasounds irradiation. The multidisciplinary approach encompassed related work in the areas of organic as well as inorganic chemistry, and in technological applications.

Environmental application of microwave technology

The contribution of microwaves to the environmental protection
Microwaves and power ultrasound: a new synergy in green organic synthesis
Solvent-free microwave extraction of essential oil from Salvia Somalensis vatke.

Chemical synthesis

Influence of microwaves on the preparation of organoclays
Microwave assisted organic synthesis (MAOS): easy and fast synthesis of biologically active compounds
Rapid, microwave assisted synthesis of solvent free Mn3O4 nanoparticles
Sodalite hydrothermal synthesis starting from kaolinite: comparison between conventional heating and microwaves heating
Synthesis of functionalized mesoporous silica assisted by microwave irradiation.

Materials and processes

Liquid phase microwave sintering of alumina
Structural evolution during the dielectric heating of starch matrixes
Microwave processing of SiC – matrix composites by chemical vapour infiltration
Microwave enhancement of the early stages of sintering of metallic powder compacts and metal-containingcomposites
Microwave dehydration of water in oil microemulsion containing nanoparticles synthesized in situ
Screening of catalysts for soot oxidation by microwaves
Microwave processing of chloride waste to form a glass-ceramic using a synroc strategic approach.

Modeling and applicator design

Numerical simulation of a continuous microwave drier for extruded tiles
Innovative technology for the artistic and cultural heritage
SAR evaluation in GTEM cell for in vitro dosimetry.

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