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A New Option Against Cancer

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Proceedings of 13th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy

Sort of publication : BOOK

Edited by: Aris Zonta, Saverio Altieri, Laura Roveda, Rolf Barth

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 722, 2008

ISBN: 88-8286-167-8

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For the first time the International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy was held in Italy. Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) in Italy has a long history, and a number of research projects dedicated to the development of new clinical applications. Nowadays, BNCT appears to be the only option in the case of head and neck recurrent cancers, skin melanoma and diffuse liver metastases: its innovationsand its practical results in the treatment of an increasing number of patients were presented at ICNCT-13 in November 2008.

The clinical aspect is, of course, only one of the many implications of BNCT. Following the tradition of the past congresses and the pluralism of the papers that have been sent to the Congress, different scientific sections are dedicated to many different topics. In particular, the contributions, are divided into Clinical Matters, Medical Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Treatment Planning and Mathematical Modeling, Boron Imaging, Chemistry and Pharmacology, Biology, Neutron Sources and Beam Dosimetry.

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