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Third International MELODI Workshop

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Rome (Italy) 2-4 November, 2011 - Abstract Book

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Edited by : Simonetta Pazzaglia et al.

Publisher: ENEA

pp. 76, 2011

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The Third International MELODI Workshop was jointly organized by ISS and ENEA, and sponsored by INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics).

The workshop offered attendants the opportunity to be informed about the latest updates on low-dose research issues, and to participate in the MELODI Low Dose Research Platform, a major step in the long term goals that the European Low-Dose Risk research intends to achieve. The main goal of MELODI ( is to develop and maintain a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in the field of low-dose radiation research, and to actively promote its implementation.

In line with one of the main SRA goals, a major aim of the workshop was to set all subjects in an interdisciplinary context. The environment of the workshop provided the attendants with the possibility to actively participate in the discussions about the next steps for implementing the SRA.

The Workshop comprised 4 plenary sessions, as well as poster sessions for informal discussions among participants. Epidemiology of ionizing radiation, experimental models, biological mechanisms of radiation action, and physical and biological targets of low dose radiation were the topics of the sessions.

In the Abstract Book the Oral and the Poster Presentations prepared by the authors are published.

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